Stock Items

    Stock items are, as the name denotes, items that are kept in stock.  Generally, we try to keep enough items made and ready to ship within 48 hours of your order.  However, some items might not be readily stocked and will be backordered.  We aim to have backordered items shipped to you within 2-3 weeks, but more complex items that are labor intensive will require more time.  If so, we will contact you to make sure this wait time is acceptable.  Our goal is to give you the product you need at a fair price as quickly as we can.

Custom Items

    For custom pieces, please contact us via email and let us know what you have in mind.  Together, we will work out a design and I will provide you with a price estimate.  This will be a comprehensive documentation of necessary materials, labor & services required for the completion of the proposed piece. This is a detailed estimate but is not to be considered the final price.  The amount of the final price is to be considered by both the seller and the customer as negotiable based upon extra materials or labor necessary to finishing the specified product. 

    For custom pieces, a down payment of half the total estimated cost is necessary at the time that the finalized design and estimate are agreed upon.  This serves as security for both the customer and the seller and allows Crescent Moon Armoury the necessary capital to proceed with the project.  If at any time the customer decides to cancel the order, the down payment is non-refundable.  However, Crescent Moon Armoury will refund the customer any outside payments separate from the down payment should the customer cancel the order before the product is completed. If a customer is unwilling to make a full payment of a completed product, Crescent Moon Armoury reserves the right to re-sell and retain any payments made on any product that a customer is unwilling to make a full payment of within 60 days of the product's completion. 

    For some custom pieces, scheduled fittings of the customer will be required.  The cost of these fittings will be included within the labor cost.  However, if a customer misses a scheduled appointment, a fee equivalent to 15% of the final estimated cost will be applied for each missed appointment. 

   Rush orders are possible, but a fee of 35% of the total final price will be added.  Parker Brown and Crescent Moon Armoury shall assume no liability for any damages or harm incurred to the customer or anyone else during use or misuse of its products by anyone at any time. Any order placed with Crescent Moon Armoury constitutes agreement and understanding of this statement.