Oakeshott Type XVII Longsword

2014 $1,558.19 available

overall length: 45”

blade length: 34.5”

blade width (at base): 1.75”

CoB: 3”

weight: 2.875 lbs

This sword is refurbished from a 1st generation Hanwei Practical Hand and a Half sword blade as an accurate functional type XVII longsword.  The pommel is milled from 1030 steel while the cross is forged 1050 steel and features Gothic-inspired file and pierce work.  The grip is fine garment grade leather wrapped around heat-treated walnut.  The full tang is forged out from the blade, through the cross, grip and pommel and has been hot-piened to form a strong bind.  The blade has a good geometry that allows for strong thrusts.

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